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Application Partners

You may be a marketer, resource manager, salesperson, or thought leader – we’ve got a host of services that can be of value to you. Subscribe to SOCXO and get access to all the Value Added Applications & Services through your Admin Portal. To know more, mail us at partners@socxo.com

Automated Content Discovery

Product - UpContent
Revolutionizing Content Discovery for Advocacy

The best way to develop an active community is through a blend of original and external content. Currently, the average employee wastes 1 day per week looking for great third-party articles–leaving little time to do what actually matters: reading, reflecting, and sharing the content. Whether your current process is a series of search queries, a list of your favorite news sites, or a collection of RSS feeds, you and your employees are wasting time hunting that could be spent engaging.

Serving individuals in over 1,500 cities around the globe, UpContent is the only active content discovery technology that uncovers the best news and blog articles based upon your specific criteria.

With UpContent’s proprietary methods you will experience:

  • 46% more sources than the standard news search engine.
  • Scoring algorithms that objectively define an article’s direct influence and your audience’s interest in the content shared.
  • A nuanced topic creation interface to bring only the best articles to the top of your list, and
  • A machine-learning article classifier to remove the “noise” found in traditional content searches, thus limiting endless scrolling.
Automated Content Discovery

The integration with SOXCO allows for this content to be immediately populated within your content repository for review or auto-approval–ensuring your team will keep coming back for the insight and thought leadership only your organization can curate.

Interested in learning more or starting your free 30-day trial? Let us know at advocacy@socxo.com. UpContent pricing plans will start at just USD$10 per user (Administrator) per month.

Brand Page Aggregation



So, you have huge fan followers and engaging conversations on your brand’s social pages (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter etc). But how do you showcase them to your website visitors?

This is where SOCXO’s BrandTalk can help.

BrandTalk can get all the content from your brand’s social pages right into your website. Your website visitors can now ‘like and share’ your social media content right from the website resulting in increased engagement and time spent on the website.

Subscribe to BrandTalk at just U$10 per month per social media channel.

Email us at advocacy@socxo.com for your requirement.

Coming Up More Value Added Applications & Services

While we are continually improving SOCXO’s content engagement & amplification platform, we are also looking out for potential partners who can offer industry leading applications and services for Marketers, Salespersons and HR/People Managers.


For Sales & Marketers

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Listening & Analytics
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys
  • Campaign Polling
  • CRM/CMS – custom integrations to Salesforce, Dynamics

For Human Resources/Training & Development

  • Micro-learning & Learning Management Systems
  • Employee Engagement Feedback & Surveys
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (e-NPS) Surveys
  • Employee Rewards & Recognition
  • Chat & Communication

If you are a product start up in any of the above domains and applications, we will be glad to talk to you and explore partnership opportunities.

Reach us at partners@socxo.com

Sales Partners

We are actively exploring sales partners who recognise the potential in SOCXO and are keen to take the platform to their customers. If you feel SOCXO bridges the gap in creating engaged employees and shaping them as brand advocates, we’re just a shout away!

You could continue to offer your current solutions & services, while offering SOCXO as an alternative communication channel to create “exponential content & brand reach” for your companies on social media.

Moreover, if you are Digital Marketing Agency, Marketing/HR Consulting & Services firm or a Tech start-up offering Marketing/HR solutions, we would be happy to talk to you.

Technology Partners

Our Tech Partners - Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud Hosting, lets us offer SOCXO as a secured and reliable SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

We are a Microsoft BizSpark start-up. And we use the same technology stack that is behind many successful start-ups globally.

With the help of Microsoft’s valuable technology & sales teams, we are on a mission to take the emerging concept of Employee Advocacy to all small & big enterprises across the globe. Join us in our mission!


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